Weird Iowa: Wedding Crasher Arrested, UNI Gangnam Style, Stolen Library Found, 12-12-12 Wedding

All the weirdness Iowa experienced in the past week.

Bridezillas are famous for their bad behavior at weddings, but they have nothing on a Waukee man who reportedly went out of control at a wedding.

Taylor Whitney Caldwell, 28, of Waukee faces multiple charges, including a felony charge of attempting to disarm a police officer, after allegedly brawling with a police officer at a West Des Moines wedding. 

Trouble began when the bridal party asked bartenders at the Marriott to stop serving some guests who must have hit their limit. Police were called to help hotel security with the unhappy partiers, and Caldwell reportedly kicked an elevator door and guest doors, and repeatedly kicked and butted his head against the hallway, leaving impressions in the drywall. Police tried to restrain Caldwell, who reportedly tried to take both the officer’s gun and duty belt. 

Next, to Ames, where we have to ask: How can you bring a gun to a party and expect not to be arrested? Weird right?

A Des Moines man who allegedly fired one bullet during a hotel party in Ames, racked up 45 felony charges.  held at the Ames EconoLodge Motel early on Dec. 2, where more than 20 people had gathered.

Police said the multiple counts were related to the number of people Owens is accused of threatening.

The name of this Johnston business gives you a clue to the weirdness: Bandit Burrito.

An employee with the eatery reported money was stolen from the safe. An employee is suspected of the theft. No word on if it's the Frito Bandito.

In other weird crime news, an unidentified man who stopped for a caffeine fix at a West Des Moines Kum & Go left behind a big no-no: his meth.

The customer selected a bottle of soda pop, set it on the counter and then wandered back to the pick out more merchandise. In the process, he inadvertently dropped a small baggie with the drug, which a clerk hid and gave to police. 

And, in Iowa City, a man faces felony drug-dealing charges after police allegedly came upon his marijuana-dealing operation by accident. Officers went to the house of . When they knocked on his apartment door an officer reportedly saw Garner trying to hide a bong near a television.

Authorities got a warrant to search the apartment, which turned up "a large quantity of marijuana," marijuana paraphernalia, a drug ledger, and about $4,590. 

Some happy news to report on the crime front: Officials found Marion's recently. A library patron spotted the little library from Thomas Park in the front yard of a home in a local trailer court

The red wooden structure is a bit bigger than a mailbox and serves a similar purpose. People can take or leave a book. When officials found it, the library was empty of books and missing its signs, but they say it will return to the park soon.

On to happier yet weird news. Wednesday's date -- 12-12-12 -- was a game-changing day, according to numerologists.

The prediction came true for Urbandale residents Monica Epley and Dave Meyer, who exchanged "I Do's" at 7 p.m. Dec. 12 in the Lions Park Gazebo. Nationally couples flocked to wedding chapels to get married on the rare date, the last of its kind in this century.

If a trend is over once it hits Iowa, then "Gangnam Style" dance craze is history. Check out this "Panther Style" Cedar Falls version of PSY's smash hit, produced by University of Northern Iowa students for University Relations.

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