Weird Iowa Rewind: $16,000 Missing Ring, Healing with Magnets, Even Burglars Shouldn't Skip Breakfast

The best of weird Iowa news — one more time.

Editor's Note: Everyone could use a little weird to break up the monotony of the work week, so in case you missed our weekend recap of all the best "weird" news from across Iowa Patches, here's your second chance.

You can never have too much weird. Saturday, Wednesday – it doesn't matter.

Without further ado, here's this week's best of the best when it comes to the weirdest of the weird in Iowa Patches.

1. This is your brain. This is your brain on Magnet!

Ah magnets, they aren't just for refrigerators and superconductors any more.

Researchers at Iowa State University have received a grant to study the use of magnets and ultrasound with the healing of damaged brain tissue. The eventual goal is to replace the need for invasive surgery for certain brain procedures.

2. You know what I find strange? 

Howie Mandel's continued cultural relevance.


What you might find interesting, however, is that two Marion residents were present along with Mandel and many others on a showing of "MOBBED" on FOX.

You can see a clip from the episode here.

3. Also Strange: American Eagle bags eat diamond rings.

At least that's the last place one Ankeny teen said she put her mother's $16,000 ring before it went missing at Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines.

I volunteer to lead the search. Another fine use for magnets!

4. Leslie: Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?

Ron: People are idiots, Leslie. 

This quote from TV's "Parks and Recreation" properly sums up our next story, where an Iowa City man overstayed his welcome wandering about the premises of a Coralville Hampton Inn and allegedly stealing construction tools.

No, he wasn't arrested while stealing the tools, he was arrested on another occassion for stealing coffee and breakfast items from the hotel while not a paying guest. The charge for burglary came later.

5. Weird Iowa's parenting tips.

Make sure your children have proper clothing on before you banish them into the cold. And someone's lad has lost his BB gun priviledges.

6. The case that keeps getting stranger

Peng Tang, a former University of Iowa student from China, is currently awaiting trial for first-degree kidnapping for an alleged sexual assault of a fellow Chinese national in Iowa City last spring. Since being in jail, Tang has had additional charges added against him for attempting to convince the witness (the woman who alleged he assaulted her) to change her story; his parents were also charged with attempted bribery but the charge was dismissed due to cultural differences; and Tang has also claimed he did not understand his Miranda rights while speaking with police as there is no equivalent in China.

This week, police added even more charges against Tang stemming before his arrest. Tang is now accused of startling the tenants of his former apartment by appearing one day in their living room and looking at their mail, assuring them it was OK since he used to live there. Later, Tang is alleged to have returned after being asked to leave and stolen a laptop and women's underwear from the tenants. 

7. Giant Romney Sign, Looking for a Good Home

A giant steel Mitt Romney sign constructed for a campaign visit is free for anyone who can come and get it, according to an ad on Craiglist (that apparently just been deleted.)

But how will we find the now missing steel Romney sign. And how will we move it once we find it?

This could be another job for, magnets!

Here, compiled, is the good, the bad, the weird Iowa of 2012.

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