Weird Iowa: Harlem Shake Redux, FRY Fest Adds Dan Gable, NASCAR-Themed House For Sale

Plus, an Ames man reportedly stole his former dog because he was headed to prison anyway, and a West Des Moines woman decided that after five months her fiance wasn't bringing her Jeep back.

Iowans can't get enough of the You Tube dance craze Harlem Shake. Weird or trendy?

This week's incarnation of the popular meme comes via the employees of Spinutech, an Iowa web design, web development and web strategy company with locations in Cedar Falls and Des Moines. But what is the Harlem Shake, you ask? Click on the link to see the video and join the craze.

Some might call the decor in this $1.2 million Ankeny house weird. The house just went on the market and is part indoor playground -- a basketball court in the garage and game room -- and part NASCAR or motorsports shrine. The kitchen features barstools with a NASCAR logo, a showroom boasts and black-and-white checkered floor full of motorcycles and ATVs.

Iowans like what they like, and for an example we go to the Iowa City area, where the organizers of the annual festival honoring longtime football coach Hayden Fry are adding more things Iowans love - wrestling and cycling. , and as a pep rally to kick off the Hawkeyes season. This fall's event will include an organized bike ride in partnership with RAGBRAI that will be named after legendary wrestling coach Dan Gable.

There is nothing weird about our love of football, wrestling or RAGBRAI. Really.

Is it weird to still call a guy your finace when he takes your Jeep, plus your Harley-Davidson, won't return either vehicle and won't return calls?

A West Des Moines woman has reportedly had enough. She told police that . 1. The woman said her fiance took her 2010 Jeep Wrangler to Waterloo to look for a job. She hasn't seen him since. In late February she finally filed a police report.

Man's best friend is his dog, so why not steal your dog? Nothing weird about that.

A 24-year-old Ames man could receive a 10-year prison sentence if he is convicted of second-degree burglary for stealing his former dog, as criminal complaints allege. Ryan Bushore allegedly asked the dog's owner if he could come indoors and take the dog he once ownd for a night because he was going to prison. The dog, Ezzy, a tiger-striped boxer with a pink collar, reportedly vanished while some of the house's residents were upstairs and heard a banging downstairs.

Weird things can happen in -- and outside -- bars. Johnston police officers were called to Pickett's Pub on a report that a patron was being assaulted outside the bar. Both parties involved in the fight admitted to hitting the other, there wer no witnesses and conflicting statements. In the end, no charges were filed.

And, one last weird offerings from the police reports.

An Urbandale man was jailed on kidnapping, assault and theft charges in a case West Des Moines police are calling false imprisonment. Kourtney Shontez Hall, 24, was charged with third-degree kidnapping, simple assault and second-degree theft after h and police officers were nearby. Police had been staking out the building because Hall was a suspect in an earlier incident in which a 40-year-old West Des Moines woman’s apartment window was shot.

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